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“G20 needs to be serious for renewable energy”

Leading CEOs of the global wind industry have united G20 members to show leadership in the climate crisis by urgently building concrete plans to increase wind power generation by raising national ambitions and replacing fossil fuels. has demanded. Representing members of the Global Wind Energy Coalition (Global Wind Energy Coalition) for COP26, 25 CEOs have

India does not have any concrete action plan to clean the air: Experts

National level air quality monitoring and city action plans have proved ineffective, state action plans have not been prepared: Life National Clean Air Plan (NCAP), which was launched to improve the air in 102 polluted cities in 2019, is likely to fail to meet its objective, that is to say, Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (Life) In a new analysis done. Life found that the

60 percent of global steel production is carbon-intensive, threatening climate targets

Despite all commitments to make steel production companies carbon-emission-free, the world’s steel production and development is still dominated by traditional, coal-based steelmaking, which threatens to miss the Paris targets set for combating global climate change. Used to be. This is to say from the energy research group Global Energy Monitor (GEM) “Pedal to the Metal:

Attribution science can tighten the screws on oil, gas, coal companies in climate lawsuits

It may now be easier to hold the world’s major oil, coal and gas companies legally responsible for climate change damages caused by their carbon emissions, according to research from Oxford University published in the journal Nature Climate Change. And it could easily provide peer-reviewed attribution science that could provide exactly the kind of evidence that could not

Equitable energy transition is the only better and meaningful way

In the midst of the increasing competition for the adoption of renewable energy in the world, experts believe that it is very important to balance social, economic and environmental concerns in this task of energy conversion necessary for a better future and the government and various stakeholders should be involved in this matter. I have to work with utmost sincerity