Climate Change: Methane emissions of coal mines pose major threat to climate

Do you know that methane emissions from coal mines proposed around the world can match carbon dioxide emissions from all coal power stations in the US?

Serve the seriousness of the situation because after CO2, methane has been the biggest contributor to global warming. Methane is a greenhouse gas and its effects on emissions and climate is becoming a growing concern. Although the effect of this gas lasts for a short time, it causes more global warming.

According to a new report by the Global Energy Monitor, the amount of methane emissions from proposed coal mines around the world may be equal to the CO2 emissions from all US coal plants that are sure to be climate-affected. This is the first of its kind survey in which 432 proposed coal mines around the world have been surveyed and modeled.

The amount of methane emissions is according to the emissions from each mine. If the amount of emissions is not reduced by these proposed mines, then in the coming years there will be an annual increase of 13.5 million tonnes (Mt) in methane emissions, an increase of up to 30% overcharged methane emission.

Methane gas has the largest contribution to global warming after CO2, but its lifetime in the atmosphere is short, meaning that the effect of this gas is short lived, but this gas has the highest global warming. During mining, coal seams break down and methane gas is emitted into the atmosphere from the surrounding layers.

Ryan Driskel Tait, a research analyst at the Global Energy Monitor and author of the study, said, “Methane gas coming out of the coal mine has avoided this scrutiny and scrutiny over the years with manipulation and maneuver, although there is clear evidence that it Is affected. If new coal mines are increased, that too without taking measures to reduce this gas, then a large source of greenhouse gas will go unchecked. “

According to the report, the coal mines which are currently on the development stage will leak about 1,135 metric tons of CO 2 equivalent (CO 2e) every year for the next 20 years and 378 metric tons of annual CO2 for the next 100 years. . If the 20-year basis is met, the methane gas emissions will exceed the annual CO2 emissions from US coal plants (952 metric tons in 2019).

The countries with the highest methane gas emissions (CO2e20) from the proposed coal mines are China (572 metric tons), Australia (233 metric tons), Russia (125 metric tons), India (45 metric tons), South Africa (34 Metric tons), the US (28 metric tons) and Canada (17 metric tons). Proposed coal mines in China, the United States, Turkey, Poland, and Uzbekistan can emit 40–50% of greenhouse gas in the form of methane, making them the most heavily proposed coal mines in the world in terms of gas.

GEM (Global Energy Monitor) has estimated global methane emissions at individual mine levels using data on mining depth, coal rank, and created this report with the help of its newly developed global coal mine tracker.

The Global Energy Monitor (GEM) is a nonprofit research organization developing information on fossil fuel projects worldwide.

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