Here’s Why People are choosing plant-based foods; How does Pea Protein Benefit the health?

Healthy eating has become the need of the hour, and people around the world are choosing plant-based foods with more enthusiasm than ever before. Peas are a favorite in many Indian kitchens, but are being considered ‘pea protein’ by many, rather than simply using it in soups or to make vegetables.

Pea protein is derived from split peas, a type of lentils, and is used as a supplement. It is used in protein shakes, smoothies, energy beverages etc.

“It helps increase the protein content of whatever you’re consuming and is a seamless fit, no matter what your dietary needs, because it’s vegan and gluten-free,”.

  • Aid in building and repairing muscles: Peas contain all the essential amino acids that are suitable for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue after a strenuous workout. When your muscle tissue torn apart after exercising, pea protein provides an immediate supply of the right amino acids. It helps you feel less pain and fatigue. It is a great source of iron and high quality protein.
  • Provides the body with many enzymes: Pea protein is great at providing you with a strong and steady supply of enzymes that your body uses to make energy, transport nutrients and more. A consistent amount helps your body perform vital functions with ease. Plus, pea protein is easy on the gut.

*Works with All Diets: Naturally vegan and gluten-free, pea protein is devoid of any allergy-causing ingredients. It is free of wheat, eggs, peanuts, and contains only pure peas. It works with all diets. It can also be quite tasty.

  • Great for the heart: The protein found in peas helps in reducing cholesterol and also lowers blood pressure, all of which are easy for the kidneys. This is great for people with underlying heart conditions. Pea protein is also free of some of the pesky additions found in whey or conventional sources of protein.
  • Helps in controlling impulsive eating and weight: It helps in controlling appetite and aiding in weight loss. It is a low-calorie item that is devoid of harmful and unhealthy fats. This is likely to keep you full for longer.

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