Land-slide in Chamba: Tourists panic due to mountain cracking

After this incident of Landslight, there was panic among the tourists passing through there. The people present on the bridge escaped and saved their lives. Some people also made a video of the massive landslide which is now going viral.

A surprising video of a land-slide has surfaced from Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. After incessant rains, the hill adjoining the Koti bridge on the Sundla-Bhalei road started cracking.

It can be clearly seen in the video that suddenly the mountain started cracking, due to which a large part of the road broke due to the landslide, due to which Chamba Koti Road, Chamba to Bhalai, Banikhet to Surangani, Chamba to Saluni side connectivity have been stopped.

In fact, there are reports of landslides during the rainy season at many places in Chamba district. Every day a video of some landslide here is going viral.

Two days ago, the occupants of the car had narrowly escaped after huge stones fell on a car here.

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