Oil company has been covering its black deeds for last 50 years

A vicious circle of doubts and misinformation to dispute climate change instead of action

The case is of French oil and gas production company ‘Total Energy’, in which the latest evidence is found that Total Energy has been aware of the climate change risks arising from the combustion of its products since 1971. But she not only remained publicly silent on the matter until 1988, but in the late 1980s she also began promoting skepticism about the emerging scientific evidence about global warming.

Total Energy finally publicly acknowledged the scientific evidence in the late 1990s, with policy delays in controlling fossil fuel use.

This is summarized in a recent study published in Global Environmental Change, and the research includes Christophe Bonoy of France (Research Director at CNRS), Pierre-Louis Choque (Science-po Paris) and Dr. Benjamin, PhD candidate for history at Stanford University. Fronta included. Not only this, during this research, researchers also put forward new evidence that Exxon, through the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), launched an international campaign to dispute climate science and weaken international climate policy. The trick was to do it. This work has been done since the early 1980s. According to an article published today in the international journal Global Environmental Change, three historians have uncovered that the managers and employees of Total Energies (then Total & Elf) were informed about the unprecedented climate change caused by the production of fossil fuels in 1971 itself. The apprehension was warned about. The document reveals how the multinational oil producer deceived public policy makers and investors for more than 50 years by using the following tricks:

Developed several strategies to take away the credit of climate science and to raise doubts about the climate emergency.

Strong mobilization to prevent any kind of restriction and regulation on its activities.

Continued to develop their business more intensively around fossil fuels almost alone, despite learning of the potentially catastrophic effects on the Earth and the people living on it.

Notre Affaire Tous and 350.org are launching a campaign to bring these revelations to the fore, calling on public authorities to hold these companies accountable and leading banks to sever ties with Total.

According to Notre Affaire Tous and 350.org, these revelations provide evidence that Total Energy and other major oil and gas production companies stole a generation’s worth of time to understand the climate crisis as a problem. . If the responsible officials at Total had decided 50 years ago that the future of the planet was more important than their profits, the dire consequences of climate change that we are currently facing could have been avoided.

The strategies adopted by Total during the last 50 years show that profits have always been everything in the eyes of this multinational company. No matter how big the price may be for humanity and the climate. Even today Total Energy continues to increase its production capacity and develop new destructive projects in protected areas such as the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and Arctic LNG2. According to the company’s current plans, by 2030, more than 80% of investments in this group will be spent on fossil fuel projects.

350.ORG’s France Team Lead Clémence Doubva said “The intensive development of new oil and gas projects is a declaration of war on humanity. Total look forward to continuing the development of new large-scale oil and gas projects in the coming years.” The scheme may end with the loss of millions of lives. This is possible because of the massive support they are getting from the financial sector. We are appealing to the banks all over the world to stop funding the total. It’s time to do it.”

As the COP26 talks are about to start only a few weeks later. As such, these revelations highlight the urgent need for governments to rein in the fossil fuel industry and its financial backers. Instead of waiting for governments to voluntarily transform themselves.

Notre Affaire Tous campaign manager Justin Ripoll said “legal action plans and lawsuits are proving more and more effective to force multinationals to honor their climate commitments. As seen in Shell’s case in the Netherlands.” But we have to be cautious. These legal initiatives are under constant attack from the big business lobbies, as we are currently under the European Union’s Corporates Due Diligence and Accountability Initiative or the United Nations Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations. Been watching together.

Such acts of mobilization with public authority to prioritize the interests of multinationals over the future of the population and the planet, according to newly published research, are taking place in the present. Notre Affaire Tous and 350.org have called on the French government to set up a commission of inquiry to shed light on how climate policy decisions were made during these decades. Especially when we know that Total & Elf has been working closely with the French government in the past and even today. As has also been revealed in a recent report of the organization Friends of the Earth.

350.ORG and Notre Affaire Town are calling on governments and funding parties to force Total Energy to adopt the Paris Climate Agreement by preventing it from developing new fossil fuel projects.

By deciding not to regulate the activities of Total Energy and continuing to finance them, governments and financial institutions are shifting the burden of climate change on citizens and local authorities, who are now paying a heavy price for overexploitation of fossil fuels. Total Energies must be held accountable for the damage and damage caused by its decision to ignore scientific warnings from more than 50 years.

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