Kpop is rising, and not only from the East

Let’s start with the groups who are dominating the world with their music: BTS and BLACKPINK are among the famous Kpop groups. Blackpink consists of four members: Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo. Lisa was born in Thailand. She was a trainee in YG ENTERTAINMENT for five years. She is known for her dancing and rapping.

Is Evergreen employing green recovery?

There are many questions about the sustainability of India’s green recovery employment opportunities and their availability in terms of geographical location. The trend of promoting renewable energy in the world has been steadily increasing, but there are still many questions regarding the sustainability and geographical location of employment opportunities arising from it. Experts also believe

US Election 2020 Live Updates: Thump clash between Trump and Biden in Florida, 12–12 states win

Washington, agencies. The counting of votes has started after the voting ends for the presidential election in the US. This time, people have voted overwhelmingly in the elections. Republican candidates Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden are witnessing a thorn in a collision, with security arrangements being tightened in the face of fears