Religious organizations in these 11 countries announced to break away from the fossil fuel business

Today, 36 religious organizations from 11 countries of the world announced themselves to break their ties with the fossil fuel business. These 11 countries include organizations in Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Uganda, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Britain and the United States, including India.

This announcement has been made by 36 more religious organizations among the preparations of leaders of different countries regarding the G7 summit. The Catholic Youth Movement in Tamil Nadu, India has joined the campaign to get rid of fossil fuels.

Those making the announcement include Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and other denominations. The group also includes the Church of Wales which manages assets worth £ 700 million ($ 975). The church passed a proposal to break with fossil fuels at a meeting of its governing body in April. The list also includes the Dias of Bristol and the Dias of Oxford. These are the first churches to announce liberation from fossil fuels. Apart from this, seven Catholic dias in Britain and Ireland and many other religious organizations around the world have also made similar announcements.

Religious organizations have made this important announcement at a time when Britain is preparing to host the G7 Summit in June and the UN Climate Summit (COP 26) to be held in Glasgow in November. This shows that the leadership of religious organizations is underlining the urgent need to invest in clean alternatives and break the exposure to fossil fuels to deal with the growing climate crisis.

As governments around the world are investing significant amounts to compensate for the economic losses caused by the Kovid-19 epidemic, it is imperative that the investment be equitable and non-polluting. Nevertheless, as the United Nations has stated, only 18 percent of the expenditure incurred by the world’s 50 largest economies in the year 2020 to compensate for losses from Kovid-19 was seen as expenditure on pollution-free mediums. can go.

Religious institutions made this announcement ahead of the Royal Dutch Shell’s Annual General Assembly (AGM), to be held on Tuesday 18 May. Shell plans to increase its gas production in the next few years, which has since put a lot of pressure on it. The Methodist Church stated that by the end of April 2021 it had also ceased its remaining stake in the fossil fuel business. These include 21 million pounds ($ 29 million) shares of Royal Dutch Shell. The Church has cited Shell’s climate-related plans as “insufficient” for this.

In February, the UK Supreme Court allowed a group of 42500 Nigerian farmers and fishermen to file a lawsuit in various UK courts against the shale that has polluted the land and groundwater in Niger Delta for years. The British government is facing a court challenge in Mozambique over its controversial decision to pay $ 1 billion for a large liquid natural gas (NNG) project to be operated by France’s oil company ‘Total’.

Anglican bishop Ernesto Manuel of Nampula in northern Mozambique said, “Investing in fossil fuels intensifies the impact of climate change on the most at-risk classes and communities undergoing instability.” We have seen how in northern Mozambique more than seven million people had to be displaced and many people got terrorized by the rebels.

Had to run away after saving his life. “
This announcement was made during the celebrations of the progress made by the Roman Catholic Church under the auspices of climate change and ecology under the instructions given by Pope Francis to the bishops of all Catholic churches. Achieved during his journey.

Religious communities have long played a leading role in the Global Development Movement and have also expressed the greatest number of convictions. Religious organizations have made more than 450 resolutions out of more than 1300 resolutions expressed worldwide to break away from the business of fossil fuels.

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