Yamuna Clean Drive: NGO Aarohan launches Yamuna Clean drive in Delhi

New Delhi, Oct 24: Aarohan, a non-governmental organization on Saturday launched a clean Yamuna river stretch drive near ITO Chhat Ghat with the active participation of a large number of students, volunteers, and people from transgender community and police personnel.

The participants who were armed with brooms and shovels for cleaning up the waste strewn along the stretch gathered at the Ghat were encouraged with the presence of luminaries of the capital like Shashi Sahay, board member of Aarohan, Dr. Vivek Dixit from AIIMS along with his team, Dr. Saurabh Bhayana from Safdarjung hospital, Ajay Singh and a team from Swach Yamuna Abhiyan.

The river cleanness drive was jointly initiated and launched by Aarohan, an NGO active in the fields educating children from deprived section of the society, welfare for transgender community and other causes relating to society with cooperation from AIIMS, ISCKON, Delhi Police and Swachh Yamuna Abhiyan.

The main attraction of the program was young children, transgender members of Aarohan and volunteers from various institutions who came forward to clean the bank and spread the message. Watching children cleaning the Yamuna with their little hands with transgender was a visual treat for photographers and spectators who had gathered at the venue in large number

The motives of the campaign were titled #saveourearth and protect water bodies from plastic pollution to attain the #SDG Goals 13 and 14 by 2030.

While addressing the gathering, the president of Aarohan, Rani Patel appealed to the participants to take up the responsibilities to keep our mother Earth clean and a place to live. “If we inculcate these values at early stages to our younger ones, it’s lifetime learning,” she said.

Appreciating the enthusiasm that children and people from transgender community had displayed Dr. Vivek Dixit of the AZIIMS said that this drive should not be stopped here; more activities should be organized till the goal is fully achieved.

Prashant Mukunda Das, who represented the well known religious organization ISCKON had the full praises for the participation transgender community and said that the presence of transgender for the cause is blessing of god. All the guests with honored with ANGAVASTRAM by Dr. Vivek Dixit as the program concluded with a dance performance of Transgender artists and distribution of Iskcon Prasadam.

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