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Here’s why we should have pomegranate; It has been used extensively in folk medicine

Recently several scientific studies supported the above fact. Let food be medicine and medicine as food. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of bioactive molecules. More than 10,000 bioactive molecules have been identified and are an integral part of the human diet. Fruits contain anti-oxidant nutrients that can combat the genesis of reactive oxygen species

Here’s why You all need to know about Gautam Shatilal Adani

Gautam Shantilal Adani is a man who needs no introduction. Founder and President of Adani Group. He is the second richest person in India with assets of over US $ 25.2 billion. The Ahmedabad-based diversified conglomerate has significant businesses in port development and operations, logistics, utilities, agriculture and defense, among many others. Gautam Adani always

What’s why Harsingar is a incredible heath benefits plants in ayurveda, PM Modi also planted it in Ayodhya

On August 5, 2020, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi participated in “Bhoomi Pujan” or a groundbreaking ceremony, which marks the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Before laying the foundation stone of the temple, PM Modi planted a Parijat/Harsingar plant in the temple premises. Importance in Hinduism: Krishna uprooted the manuscript from the

Here’s why Sakat Chauth dedicated to Lord Ganesh, know the auspicious time and significance

Krishna Paksha Chaturthi is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and devotees fast on Sankashti Chaturthi on every Krishna Paksha Chaturthi. However, during the month of Magha, Krishna Paksha Chaturthi is also celebrated as ‘Sakat Chauth’ and it is mainly celebrated in North Indian states. Lord Ganesha is also worshiped on Sakat Chauth. Worshiping Lord Ganesha on