12 amazing forms of Lord Ganesha, worshiping gives many blessing

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the first worshiper in Hinduism.

Some call them obstacles and some call them siddhivinayak. The devotees of Lord Ganesha know him by different names and worship him in different forms. In today’s era, the number of devotees of Ganesh ji is very large. Different forms of Lord Ganesha are worshiped at different places in the country and abroad. But Ganesh Chaturthi is one such festival, which is celebrated with great pomp in every corner.

According to Hindu religion, whether to start any new work, get married at home, or even start a routine…. First of all, Lord Ganesha is worshipped. Lord Ganesha is said to be a Vignaharta, so it is believed that by worshiping Lord Ganesha first, that task is completed without any hindrance. Whether it is home or any temple, whenever the worship starts, the name of Lord Ganesha is taken first.


12 Forms of Lord Ganesha
According to Hindu scriptures, there are 12 such forms of Lord Ganesha, by meditating on them, big problems of human life are solved. But for what purpose or for which problem you should worship which form of Lord Ganesha, know these facts.

  1. Mahaganesh
    Worshiping this form of Lord Ganesha solves all the problems in life. It also gives you success and helps you at every stage of life.
  2. Dwija Ganpati
    Worshiping Dwij Ganesh blesses you with good health and a happy future. If we explain the nature of Dwij Ganesha, then he has two heads and four hands. He holds a garland in one hand, a matki in one hand, a book in one and a stick in the other.
  3. Heramb Ganpati

Heram Ganpati protects your wealth and property. He rides on a lion and has five heads and ten hands.

  1. Veer Ganpati
    It is the name of the mighty form of Ganesha, who carries sixteen different types of weapons in his sixteen arms. Veer Ganpati protects women from diseases.
  2. Karpag Vinayagar
    Sitting in Ardha Padmasana, this two-handed Ganapati fulfills your every wish and showers wealth on you.
  3. Ganeshani
    This Ganpati removes every obstacle, every trouble and every disease that comes in our path. They balance your guilt and sin and open the way for only good relationships to come into your life.
  4. Narmug Ganpati
    Adhi-Vinayaka is the oldest form of Lord Ganesha. Their head is not of an elephant but of a human.
  5. Siddhi-Wisdom Ganapati
    Lord Ganesha is seated in this form with his two wives. Siddhi gives us intuitive knowledge and intellect gives us practical knowledge.
  6. Dance Ganpati
    Lord Ganesha, dancing under a wish-fulfilling tree, blesses us with happiness and the blessings of our ancestors.
  7. Disruptor
    Worshiping this eight-handed form of Ganesha solves all your problems and obstacles.
  8. Problem
    Lord Ganesha in this form helps those people of Kali Yuga who are facing problems in spite of their good deeds.
  9. Alinga Nartan Ganpati
    In this form, Lord Ganesha is dancing on the hood of a snake named Kalinga. It signifies the victory of good over evil.

How to correct Vastu defects with the idol of Lord Ganesha

The idol of Lord Ganesha can prove to be very beneficial in terms of removing the defects of Vastu Shastra. From entering a new house to living in it, you can use the idol of Ganesha in many ways. If the main door of a building opens in the south direction, then by placing a small idol of Ganesh ji on the door frame, outside and inside the door, the south-facing defect of the building ends.

If on entering the building, you have a sense of some unknown negativity, then a nine-inch statue of Lord Ganesha can be placed inside the house looking towards the main door. On every auspicious occasion, in the office, factory or shop, worshiping the idol of Shri Ganesh ie Swastik by marking it on a copper plate or a plate of worship, then it proves helpful in business.

The idol of Lord Shri Ganesh should not be placed in every direction of the building. Rather, generally keep this idol or photo in such a way that while bowing to them, our face should always be towards east or north direction. That is, in such a situation, the face of the picture or idol of Shri Ganesh ji will automatically be towards the south or west direction.