20 Indians in the new President Biden’s team! here’s ‘Team India’

New Delhi: The swearing-in ceremony of the new government will take place in America today. Joe Biden will be sworn in as President and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as Vice-President. When Joe Biden is sworn in to become the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, he will be the oldest person to be sworn in as President. In November 2020, Biden turned 78 years old.

After this, he will officially take over. The good news from India is that Joe Biden’s team also includes 20 people of Indian origin. According to Zee News, the largest number of people of Indian origin is included in the team of any President of America. This will further strengthen relations between the United States and India.

The eve of the inauguration is usually heavily crowded, but Vice Presidents Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were almost alone in the vacant National Mall due to Kovid sanctions and increased security after the deadly riots in the US Capitol.

Joe Biden’s ‘Team India’

The 50-year-old Neera Tandon is most important in the list of these Indians, she will play a big role in preparing the US budget.

Vanita Gupta, 45, has been nominated for the third most important position in the US Department of Justice, that of Associate Attorney General.

Doctor Vivek Murthy will advise the people of America to improve their health.

Mala Adiga, 47, will advise the President’s wife on matters of policy.

Sabrina Singh, 32, has also been appointed as the media advisor to the First Lady.

Ayesha Shah will spread the President’s messages to the people of America through social media.

Sameera Fazli will be the Economic Affairs Advisor.

The Committee on Economic Affairs also includes Bharata Ramamurthy.

Gautam Raghavan will appoint the staff for the President.

Those closest to the president will be Vinay Reddy. He has the responsibility of writing the speeches of Joe Biden.

Vedanta Patel will be the President’s Assistant Press Secretary.

Three people of Indian origin have been included in the National Security Council, which decides on matters related to national security.

Sonia Aggarwal has been made Senior Advisor for Environmental Affairs.

Vidur Sharma has been given the responsibility in the team that saved America from Corona.

Two women of Indian origin have also been appointed to the team to provide legal advice to the President of America.

The ceremony also includes the President leaving office, in the year 2017 when Donald Trump was sworn in. Former President Barack Obama was also present there. But President Donald Trump has already announced his absence. So far, only 3 presidents have done it in the history of America and no president has done it for last 100 years.