A new group of people who cannot live without agitation: PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Modi today strongly pulled opposition MPs and foreigners who commented on the farmers movement in the Rajya Sabha in his special way.

PM Modi took a jibe at Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien and Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa for questioning the country’s democracy. He also slammed Congress MP Ghulam Nabi Azad in his speech.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said, “We are very familiar with some words. Workers, intellectuals, are familiar with all these words, but I see that for some time a new group has been born in this country and that is agitators. You will find this group everywhere, especially where there is a movement going on. The lawyers ‘movement, they will be seen there … there is the student’s movement, they will be seen there … there is the workers’ movement, they will be seen there … sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes in front of the curtains. This is a whole team which is agitator. They cannot live without movement. We have to recognize such people. These agitators are actually parasites. “

The PM taunted and said, “I was attacked too. Everything that can be said was said in every way, but I am very happy that I have at least come to your work. See for one, there will not be much known because of the corona… it will be stuck… and it will be moving in the house too. Now when you have removed so much anger here, your mind has become so light. How happily you would spend time inside the house. So this pleasure that you have got… I came to work for this, I also consider it my good fortune. And I would like to continue to enjoy it. Keep discussing … Keep discussing continuously … Keep the House alive. Modi has a chance “

He read a statement by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in which he advocated a big market related to agriculture. PM Modi said, “The fun is the people who make political statements, their governments have done little in their states. No one has questioned the intent of the laws. The complaint is that the method was not right. It stays If she gets married in the family, Fufi gets angry and says .. Where did I call .. She lives… If she is such a big family, she stays. ”PM Modi during his speech said funny things Entertained everyone and gave a message as well.