Absconding Godman Nithyananda begins flight services to Kailaasa from Australia

Swami Nithyananda, a self-styled godman who fled from India following rape charges and announced the creation of his own island nation called Kailaasa, is now apparently giving out 3-day visas to his country.

Nithyananda, who is needed in India for sexual assault charges, has also issued golden Kailaasa passport and begun operating charter flight services called ‘Garuda’ from Australia to Kailaasa.

In a video that has gone viral, the godman can be heard saying that Kailaasa will only allow a limited number of tourists who can stay the island nation for just three days. He will be heard informing that his country has created an e-mail ID which potential visitors can use to use for a visa to Kailaasa.

Nityananda also states that Kailaasa would offer free food and stay to the visitors, but people will only be allowed to fulfill or see him once during their visit.

Those who are issued a visa are going to be flown on chartered flights from Australia to Kailaasa. The godman also can be heard within the video saying that visitors need to come to Australia on their own cost, but from there Kailaasa will provide them transport, accommodation and food for free of charge .

However, the country will allow entry only to those who are approved by Kailaasa’s prime minister and/or cabinet. A Times of India report stated that a famous South Indian cinema actress, called ‘Maa’, has been named the nation’s ‘Prime Minister’.

Obviously, only Nityananda’s known devotees who donate generously to his cause are eligible to go to the island nation.

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The ‘Republic of Kailaasa’, by the way, is an island off the coast of Ecuador in South America. Nithyananda has several rich and powerful followers, a number of whom helped him buy the island from the govt of Ecuador.

He has also launched a website declaring Kailaasa to be the ‘world’s greatest and purest Hindu nation’.

The country has its own flag, passports, emblem, national animal, national bird, national flower and tree, and its three official languages are English, Sanskrit and Tamil. Kailaasa, of course, has not yet been recognised by the other country.

Besides rape, Nithyananda has also been accused of kidnapping and forcibly retaining several girls at his ashram in India. He is also wanted by the French government for allegedly having swindled a devotee to the extent of almost $400,000.