‘Absolutely heart-wrenching’: Ayesha Khan calls husband, records video; committing suicide

Police said on Monday that a woman allegedly committed suicide by jumping into the Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad, Gujarat after recording a video on her mobile phone, which led to her husband being booked for suicide.

Ayesha Khan told her parents she did not want her husband Arif Babukhan in her life anymore and that she was tired of life

An official said the incident occurred on February 25 and the police identified the victim as Ayesha Khan (23), who had also spoken to her husband and parents before taking the extreme step.

According to an FIR lodged at Sabarmati Riverfront (West) Police Station by her father Liyakatali Makrani, Ayesha’s husband Arif Babukhan tortured her mentally and told her to ‘die if you want, and send me a video’ .

In the video, which went viral on social media, Ayesha can be heard saying that she is not stepping under any pressure.

According to police, she told her parents that she did not want her husband in her life and that she was tired of life.

Chilling video shot before jumping into Sabarmati river

In the video that Ayesha made, she said, “Dear dad, when will you fight your case? Don’t let Ayesha fight because she doesn’t want to fight. If Arif wants freedom, he is free. Let us live our life. This opportunity Is. I am happy, I will meet Allah, I will tell him, where have I gone wrong? I found good parents, wonderful friends, but there was something lacking in either me or my fate. “

She said, “I have nothing to say now. Understand that the Almighty gave me a short life.”

She added, “I have learned one thing from this life that no one should ever go without love and some people are so unlucky that their love is not fulfilled even after their marriage.”

Standing near the Sabarmati river, Ayesha said, “It is a lovely river and I hope it absorbs me; (I am like the winds; I want to flow … I am happy today … I am Remember in your prayers. Don’t know if I will go to heaven) “: These were his last words.

Ayesha called her parents before jumping into the river

Ayesha calls her parents before jumping into the Sabarmati River. When her father asked where she was, she said she was coming home now, her father asked her where she was again, saying that she was standing near the river and that she wanted to jump. His father tells him to calm down and not take any such fatal step, he also asks him to talk to his mother but all his efforts go in vain. Ayesha breaks down talking to her mother and says, “That’s all enough, I’m disappointed, I can’t stand it anymore, she (her husband Arif) wants independence, I’ll give her freedom.”

Her mother tries to comfort her and says, “Don’t do such a thing because people will think that you did anything wrong.” Ayesha said, even to Arif, he said that I should do what I want but before that, I should make a video so that the police can arrest him. I have made the video and now I want to jump from this river. I want to jump “

Helpless parents were not able to stop this serious step of her

Ayesha Khan’s parents continue to console her before the line is cut. This was the last conversation of his life.

An official of the Sabarmati Riverfront (West) police station said Arif Babukhan Arrested From Rajasthan’s Pali, Will Be Brought To Ahmedabad Today.