Abuse is cheap, shows character weakness’: Greg Chappell writes an open letter to Tim Paine

India vs Australia: Chappell, writing an open letter to Pine in the Sydney Morning Herald, said he believed the abuses were cheap and showed the weakness of character.

Former Australia captain Greg Chappell wrote an open letter to Tim Paine and advised him to learn from his mistakes, just as he did during his reign as captain of Australia. On the 5th day of the third Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Paine got busted for abusing India’s all-rounder R Ashwin. Pine apologized for his behavior but this did not stop criticism from coming his way.

Chappell, writing an open letter in the Sydney Morning Herald to Pine, said he believed the abuses were cheap and reflected the character’s weakness.

“Abuse is not acceptable in any workplace and is cheap, in my opinion. It does not show the strength of one, instead, it shows the weakness of the character,” he wrote.

“I urge you to influence the team to talk bat and ball and set a better example for millions of influential little boys and girls, lest they imitate the worst instincts and actions of their sports heroes.” This will be the biggest legacy you can leave.

“You have led Australia with courage and humor, taking forward the image of Australian cricket after the events in Cape Town three years ago and have contributed greatly to rebuilding Australian cricket’s image. I urge you to remain a leader in the way you are after assuming the captaincy.

“I hate a bad day that undo all the good work of you and your team.

“You promise to do better after Sydney is a step in the right direction.” This shows the contradiction and the resolve to get things back on track. I have no doubt that you have one or two years of good cricket left, and the players who are doing poorly at the moment should judge you on time and not on the basis of a crazy afternoon, “he signed.