Actor Kamal Haasan did not become a part of India alliance, think about the country’s interest

Actor Kamal Haasan, apart from being a veteran actor, is also a renowned strategist. The official political party of Kamal, who came into active politics a few years ago, is MNM i.e. Makkal Needhi Mayyam. Recently, while talking about his party’s alliance with other political parties, Kamal said that discussions are going on with other parties, provided that party thinks in the interest of the country instead of its own interest.

Think about the country’s interest, not your own.

The occasion was to celebrate the 7th anniversary of MNM. On this occasion, Kamal said, ‘Discussions are going on for alliance with other political parties, but we would like to be with only those in politics who think about the welfare of our country instead of thinking about their own interests. They should selflessly seek the welfare of the country and not be a part of any feudal system.’ Kamal also welcomed top Tamil actor Vijay’s move to enter politics.

Did not become part of India alliance

When asked whether he would like to be a part of INDIA India Bloc, an opposition alliance of several parties, he said, ‘I have said earlier also that the time has come that you have to get over party politics and think about the national interest. Whoever thinks about the interest of the country without thinking about his own benefit, my party MNM will join hands with him.’

So has Kamal joined India Alliance? In response to this he flatly refused. However, the situation is not clear yet regarding his party’s alliance with other political parties. Haasan said that the talks are still going on. Whenever any decision is taken in this regard, this good news will be given to you soon and definitely. In fact, recently there was talk that Kamal would contest against Chief Minister M.K. for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Can join hands with Stalin’s party.

People’s welfare is the aim of the party

It is noteworthy that Kamal’s party MNM had earlier seen the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and also participated in the 2021 Assembly elections but his party could not do anything special in the electoral field. It is noteworthy that Kamal’s party Makkal Needhi Mayyam means People’s Justice Center Party. At the time of its announcement, Kamal had said that this is a people’s party and will work for the welfare of the people.