Anand Mohan release disappointing, said the daughter of the slain IAS officer on release from jail

Anand Mohan, who was convicted for the murder of the then District Magistrate of Gopalganj G Krishnaiah in 1994 and was serving a 14-year sentence, was released from jail today. The former MP was given a rousing welcome by his supporters.

Talking to the media, the daughter of IAS officer G Krishnaiah said that it is “disappointing” for her that Anand Mohan Singh is being released from jail.

“The government should reconsider this decision. I request Nitish Kumar ji to reconsider this decision. With this decision, his government has set a wrong precedent. This is not just an injustice to one family but to the entire country. We will appeal against this decision.

G Krishnaiah’s wife Uma Devi said: “The public will protest against Anand Mohan’s release, demanding that he be sent back to jail. Releasing them is a wrong decision. CM should not promote such things. If he (Anand Mohan) contests elections in future, the public should boycott him. I appeal to send him (Anand Mohan) back to jail.

According to sources, politician Anand Mohan, who had gone to a relative’s place in Saharsa, is scheduled to hold a rally at 11 am. In another development, a petition will be filed in the Patna High Court at 11 am by retired IPS Amitabh Das against the Bihar state’s decision to amend the Bihar Jail Rules. This will challenge the release of Anand Mohan.

The Indian Civil and Administrative Service (Central) Association expressed its “deep disappointment” about the recent amendment in the jail manual by the Bihar government, which will result in the release of former MP Anand Mohan, convicted of killing an IAS officer. The association said the decision “amounts to denial of justice” and asked the state government to reconsider its actions.

The Central IAS Association also condemned the government’s decision. The Central IAS Association expresses its deep dismay at the decision of the Bihar Government to release the convicts in the brutal murder of G Krishnaiah, former District Magistrate of Gopalganj. ,

The statement stressed that the charge of murder of a public servant on duty cannot be reclassified to a less heinous category of conviction.

It has been said that amendment of an existing classification, which leads to the release of a convicted murderer of a public servant, amounts to denial of justice.

“Such dilution leads to impunity, demoralises public servants, undermines public order and makes a travesty of the administration of justice,” it said. The association urged the Bihar government to reconsider its decision at the earliest.

Former Bihar MP Anand Mohan, serving life sentence in Krishnaiah’s murder case, is set to be released along with 26 others who have been lodged in various jails in the state for over 14 years.

A notification to this effect was issued late on Monday evening, when Mohan, who is on parole, coincidentally was celebrating the engagement of his son Chetan Anand, the sitting MLA of the ruling RJD in the state.