Another ‘Internet’ star: Kachcha Badam singer Bhuban Badyakar performs live in Kolkata!

If there is a will there is a way, and when there is internet there are endless opportunities. The trending Bengali song Kachcha Badam created panic on the internet.

The Kachcha Badam song became an instant hit on Instagram after celebrities and influencers sang the song by singer Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller from West Bengal.

Bhuban, who earned his money by selling peanuts, became an internet star after musician Najmu Reacht remixed a song.

Bhuban is now furious in Kolkata as he was invited as a guest artist. Bhuban sang his superhit song at a restaurant in Kolkata on Friday.

Bhuban looked like a rockstar as he donned a shiny black jacket while he took the stage and sang live at the Simple Else’s pub on Park Street to make the audience dance to his tunes again.

A few days ago, music house Godhulibela Music, which made the remix version of the song, gave an amount of Rs 3 lakh to Bhuban.

The move came after social media users expressed outrage and questioned whether Bhuvneshwar has received any monetary compensation or credit for his songs.

Despite becoming an internet star, Bhuban’s life did not take a U-turn, but people are fighting for his justice.

Bhubaneshwar was also honored by the West Bengal Police for his talent.