Another tech CEO from India: Anand Easwaran becomes CEO of global IT firm Veem

Global IT company Veem Software has appointed Anand Easwaran as its new CEO and a member of the company’s board of directors. Easwaran holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Mumbai. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Veeam, Easwaran was the President and COO of RingCentral. Prior to this, he was managing enterprise commercial and public sector businesses globally with Microsoft. He has also led the Microsoft Services, Industry & Digital, Customer Care and Customer Success teams.

Prior to Microsoft, Easwaran was Executive Vice President at SAP. His other leadership roles include Vice President of Global Software Services at HP, Vice President of Global Professional Services at Vignette (now OpenText) and Senior Manager at Braun Consulting (now Fair Isaac).

William H. Largent (Bill Largent) will step down as Veeam’s CEO and focus on his role as chairman of the board of directors. In a release, the company said, “Veem has surpassed $1 billion in ARR this year and has more than 400,000 customers, is at the heart of the data ecosystem and is at the heart of the data movement, control, and performance across any environment and in the hybrid cloud.” Provides reliable security.”

“Veem is a unique company that is growing much faster than the market. I am delighted to join such an exciting time of journey of such a talented team. Data is exploding and one of the most important assets for all organizations has become one.

Global IT company Veem Software has appointed Anand Easwaran as its new CEO

As such, data management, security and security are critical to the way organizations operate today, and the failure of a robust strategy can be disastrous. Veeam has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself by sitting in the middle of the data ecosystem with the most robust ransomware protection and ability to protect data,” said Anand Easwaran, CEO of Veeam.