Baloch activist appeals to Trudeau for investigation into Karima Baloch’s death

The president of the Baloch People’s Congress appealed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to promptly and effectively investigate Karima Baloch’s death.

Karima was a prominent student leader from Balochistan, who fled to Pakistan in 2016 to seek asylum in Canada. She was found dead at the harborfront near Lakeshore, Toronto. She went missing at around 3 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Dr. Abdul Hakir Lehri said, “Karima’s deeply shocking death is a violation of human rights and crimes against cruelty and humanity. It needs to be investigated immediately and effectively. The culprits need to be brought to justice.”

Karima took political asylum in Canada due to state repression. Earlier, his uncle, brother and mother were murdered by security forces of Pakistan in Balochistan.

Karima was mysteriously murdered. It is widely thought in Pakistan and especially in Balochistan that he was murdered by a network of intelligence agencies in the same manner as in the case of Sajid Baloch, a Baloch journalist in Sweden.

This is not the first time state officials have joined hands with the security establishment in the handling of targets and shoots. In an interview, former Pakistan military dictator General Pervez Musharraf categorically stated that activists and those who dared to raise their voice against the oppression of the state should be targeted wherever they are.

With this in mind, Lehri requested the Canadian and Western governments to break the silence and raise their voice against the atrocities by Pakistan.

Lehri said that thousands of Baloch activists are missing due to state terrorism and military operations in Pakistan, so it is necessary for Canada and Western countries to raise their voices.

Meanwhile, in a Twitter post, Baloch People’s Congress general secretary Siddique Azad Baloch urged the Canadian government to take the incident seriously and uncover the reality of what happened to Karima.

“It’s hard not to treat Karima with us. I spoke to her via phone on December 13. She was as determined and cheerful as ever. Her mysterious death is a concern for all Baloch. To the Canadian government This incident should be taken seriously. Siddique Azad Baloch tweeted, “What happened to him, his reality.”

Also, Lehri appealed to the Canadian government to hand over the body of Karima Baloch.