Bangalore Water Crisis: Karnataka is facing severe droughts due to climate change

Karnataka is facing severe droughts due to climate change, and is facing several challenges amid drought. Karnataka is the second most state after Rajasthan which is prone to drought. Cauvery River water and groundwater resources is the common source for the locals there.

Bangalore is a power house of technology and innovation. It is home to several tech industries, institutions, residences, and start-ups. But this time one of the worst water crisis is being faced by India’s silicon Valley, People are seeking permission to work from home and online classes.

Locals are paying almost double the usual price to meet their daily requirements. On usual days, water suppliers used to charge Rs.800 to Rs.900 per tanker but during this water woes, they are charging up to Rs.1,600 to Rs.1,800 per tanker, residents are using public toilets in malls, Around 50 per cent of the borewells in the city have dried up. People are waiting long in a queue to wait for their turn to fill water. The Government also banned the use of potable water for washing vehicles, construction, gardening.

Summer has barely even begun and there is already the problem of water scarcity in Bengaluru, hope the situation gets in control in upcoming days.