Be prepared for ‘Black Swan’ events, expect the unexpected: Army chief forced to

New Delhi, Apr 8 Army Chief General Manoj Pandey on Monday called on the force to always be prepared for ‘Black Swan’ events and “expect the unexpected”, as he called for technology to open up new areas for strategic competition among nations. Identified as.

In an address at the Defense Services Staff College in Wellington, General Pandey highlighted the weaponisation of technology, especially its expansion across various domains – from information to supply chains.

The Army Chief stressed the importance of cross-functional synergy among the three services to effectively assess threats, clarify strategies, identify capabilities, formulate policies, achieve preparedness and deliver appropriate responses within the national security framework. Gave.

They also discussed expansion of the war into new areas including space, cyber, electromagnetic spectrum and information technology, sources at the Army headquarters here said.

General Pandey referred to the rapid technological advancements in kinetic warfare equipment, saying that this has made the battlefield increasingly complex, competitive and deadly.

The Army Chief urged officers to always be prepared for ‘black swan’ events and “expect the unexpected”.

A Black Swan event is a high-impact event that is difficult to predict.

The Army chief pointed to the emergence of new trends due to this rapid change, underlining how disruptive technologies are reshaping traditional combat force ratios.

Highlighting India’s rise on the global stage, General Pandey stressed the growing need to safeguard India’s national interests in the expanded strategic horizons.

The Army Chief called for strategic balance underlining the need for India to be strong and self-reliant in its defense capabilities.

He also highlighted the ongoing “transformational initiatives” of the Indian Army, particularly emphasizing the forces’ vision in making 2024 the “year of technology absorption”.

He highlighted key areas of focus in this process and said it involves aligning and coordinating technology at the strategic, operational and tactical levels within existing systems.

Under the new initiative, mapping future and emerging technologies as drivers of military technology is a priority, he said, adding that strengthening the defense technology ecosystem to maintain the edge in the military technology curve is another focus area.

The Army chief said the force is ensuring that the acquisitions and purchases will help in seamless induction of technology and it will promote “tech warriors and commanders”.

General Pandey was addressing the faculty and officers of the 79th Staff Course, which also included 36 officers from friendly foreign countries.

His address covered important topics such as national security, geo-strategic landscape and emerging trends and transformational initiatives of the Indian Army.

Addressing the geo-strategic landscape and emerging trends, General Pandey highlighted the unprecedented scale and pace of change in the current global arena.