Benefits of drinking a glass of lukewarm basil water daily on an empty stomach

Do you know that drinking just a glass of lukewarm basil water on an empty stomach in the morning can give you many amazing health benefits? Basil is well known to have strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Drinking basil water first thing in the morning speeds up your metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Due to its adaptogenic properties, it supports a flexible and balanced response in the body during stress.

Tulsi water has been found to be helpful in reducing acidity, enhancing digestion and controlling blood sugar. Furthermore, it is a beneficial addition, especially during seasonal changes, due to its immunity-boosting properties. Drinking basil water regularly can also help with respiratory health and clear skin.

So here we have discussed all the amazing health benefits of drinking basil water in the morning.

Reduce stress

Tulsi has many anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties that make it a powerful stress-relieving tool. All of these support effective stress management. According to the NIH, it also regulates cortisol levels, which reduces anxiety and emotional stress and enhances general well-being.

Fights Cancer

Tulsi is rich in eugenol and other compounds. Both of these are capable of preventing cancer. Additionally, basil leaf extract delayed the onset of breast cancer and reduced the tumorigenicity and metastasis of human pancreatic cancer cells.

Controls blood sugar levels

Did you know that basil has anti-diabetic properties, lowering blood sugar and increasing insulin secretion in people with type 2 diabetes? According to the NIH, due to phytochemical components like saponins, triterpenes, and flavonoids found in basil, patients have reported improved blood sugar management.

Weight loss

Basil lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, two factors that can lead to weight gain. It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Tusi water is a weight loss strategy.

Increases immunity

Fever and common cold are treated by chewing basil leaves. Drinking basil leaves boiled in water during the rainy season strengthens the immune system. A decoction of ground cardamom and basil leaves can be used to treat severe fever. According to the NIH, these leaves may eventually help with respiratory health as well, resulting in notable benefits to general health.