Bengal election: Here’s why the ‘Liberals’ want to win Mamta from Bengal

While analyzing the prospects of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the ongoing elections in West Bengal, it is important to remind that the party has never come to power in the state.

Not only this, it has also not been a contender: the other three major political parties in the fray, the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the Left parties, have all held power in the state.

Therefore, BJP has achieved this place in discourse and political analysis is an achievement in itself.

Like the final runner with the baton in a relay race, the BJP’s chances of winning the state elections are different as it moves towards the finish line. A possibility that was not possible even two years ago.

Will the BJP speed up the last lap and move forward, these are the results of May 2. But the trust of Amit Shah, Union Home Minister and former BJP President, is rarely wrong.

West Bengal has been on the BJP’s radar for a long time: the extent to which Mamata Banerjee has faced appeasement politics has created a constituency which not only supports her, but is also angry with her. Couple that with two words anti-incumbency …

Mamata is no ‘liberal’ leftist: she is single-handedly responsible for the downfall of leftists in West Bengal after decades of misrule. However, in an election where the Left and Congress are at par, it all stands between the BJP and yet another victory. Hence the years of political violence under his rule, which has cost the lives of more than a hundred BJP workers ignored.

His ridiculous policies that reflect the appeasement of minorities have been dispelled, making him more irrational and communal in his reactions, whether it is chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ or ‘Ramdhenu’, of ‘Ramdhenu’ Editing ” in school textbooks, so as not to offend!

Senior journalist who has closely covered the West Bengal elections, says many people along with Jai Sri Ram responded to whom they would vote for. This is important in a state where political violence is the norm and ballots are closed by party cadres at gunpoint.

It is, in fact, an act of courage and rebellion: the mantra literally means Mamta stopping in its tracks. He can forget to stop the horsemen of his Chief Minister while listening to Ram Jai Shri Ram ‘to the public on one of his road trips!

Didi’s encouragement is largely clear, but those who claim to be the proponents of ‘liberal’ politics and ignore real threats to democracy – such as political violence and religious freedom in the state of West Bengal – have already held elections Is winning, telling.

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, a long-distance expert on all things Indian, has already downplayed the likes of Bengal. Former Congress finance minister P Chidambaram has opted for the ‘communal’ option from the lands of Tagore and Vivekananda.

Short of pockets, this liberal definition of liberal politics thought of as Bengal leads followers to an outpost, led by genuinely inverse relations with the dynastic shareholders of the Congress at the grassroots level. She could be a contestant, they thought.

So in many ways, if she were to fall, it would be the end of an India that she had created and therefore believed that they were the representatives of the India they knew. An India that, in his own system, was an idol with his belief system, while nothing further than this, was an aberration.

If Didi loses the election, this ‘statue’ will be topped. And therein, they know, is a revolution.