Best Food Cities: Indian cities named among “World’s Best Food Cities”

Local food is a captivating storyteller, telling a rich story of a city’s history, culture and identity. Each dish bears the imprint of regional traditions, reflecting the unique flavors and culinary heritage that have developed over time. From roadside stalls to iconic eateries, the local food scene unfolds celebrating the community’s collective memory, shared experiences and the fusion of diverse influences. The selection of materials often reflects the agriculture, climate, and trade history of the area.

Whether it’s a bowl of comforting soup, a delicious street snack, or a signature dessert, local food captures the essence of the city’s soul. Through the art of gastronomy, locals and visitors alike embark on a gastronomic journey, uncovering the stories of a city’s past, embracing its present, and savoring the distinctive essence that makes it a global culinary icon. Different in style.

Recognizing the importance of local food, experiential travel online guide, Taste Atlas recently released its list of ‘World’s Best Food Cities’, in which Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Lucknow have been listed under the top 100.

The two Indian cities that made it to the top 50 are Mumbai and Hyderabad, ranked 35th and 39th respectively. While Delhi was ranked 56th, Chennai and Lucknow were ranked 65th and 92nd.

While Delhi and Mumbai are popular for their variety of chaats, Hyderabad for its biryani, Chennai for its delicious dosa and idli. We all know that Lucknow is well known for delicious Mughlai cuisine which includes kebabs and biryani.

Topping the list is Rome (Italy), known for its delicious and hearty dishes made with fresh ingredients. Bologna and Naples are the two Italian cities that took second and third place respectively. All three cities in Italy are known for their pasta, pizza and cheese-based dishes. Other cities that made the top 10 list were Vienna (Austria), Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Hong Kong (China), Turin (Italy), Gaziantep (Turkey), and Bandung (Indonesia).

When it comes to local food, people love to eat Pav Bhaji, Dosa, Vada Pav, Chole Bhature, Kebab, Nihari, Pani Puri, Chole Kulche, Biryani and different types of chaats.