On the placard of PM Modi at the G20 summit, the country’s name is written ‘Bharat’ not India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the G20 summit with the inaugural speech on Saturday morning. However, the Prime Minister was seen sitting behind a placard that spelled out the country’s name as ‘Bharat’ instead of India.

Launching the grand G20 summit with his speech, PM Modi said India’s G20 presidency has become a symbol of inclusion of ‘Sabka Saath’ both inside and outside the country and announced the permanent membership of the African Union in the grouping. of. “This has become the people’s G20 in India.

Crores of Indians are associated with this. More than 200 meetings have been held in more than 60 cities in the country. In the spirit of Sabka Saath”, PM Modi said all G20 countries have agreed to his proposal that the African Union be granted permanent membership of the grouping.

Controversy and rumors over the renaming of India to ‘Bharat’ emerged when President Draupadi Murmu’s dinner invitation to foreign leaders attending the G20 summit this weekend mentioned its designation as “India”. as “President”.