BJP high command in trouble, recommendation of 30 sitting MLAs to cut ticket

BJP office at New Delhi

Patna: Assembly elections in Bihar are on the head. In all the parties, there has been a ruckus about the ticket. Any party would like to decide on the ticket thoughtfully. However, the parties also do not want party workers to be offended by cutting a leader’s ticket in the election environment. In such a situation, it is not easy for the party high command to whom a ticket is given and whose ticket should be cut.

On the other hand, according to Hindustan, Mandal presidents of BJP have created a new problem in front of the party leadership by recommending cutting of the ticket of 30 party MLAs of the state. Mandal presidents have said in their report that if these 30 MLAs are re-nominated, their victory will be difficult, not only that, the party’s Mandal unit has also advised them not to give tickets, which in the last election 25 to 30 thousand Elections were lost by more than one vote. In such a situation, a big problem has arisen in front of the high command.

In such a situation, even though the number of seats in the NDA has not been formally announced yet, the high command is busy in deciding the ticket of the candidates inside. Especially in such seats where there is no dispute of NDA, in those seats, most of the leaders in BJP have also been asked to work in the area. In this episode, the party sought opinion from the Mandal presidents about which candidate would be right for the region. Divisional presidents have given their opinion to the high command on this. Explain that there are about 1100 Mandal presidents under 45 organizational districts of Bihar BJP.

If party sources are to be believed, the Mandal presidents have given their report against more than 30 of the BJP’s current 53 MLAs. Mandal presidents have said in their report that if the party wants to ensure victory in the region, it is necessary to change the candidate from there. He has said that the party’s victory is sure but there is a lot of resentment among the people about the candidates. This resentment of activists and local people is not a good sign of the party. Therefore, the party will have to give a chance to new faces from these areas. If the high command does not take the right decision, it should not happen that after the election, the party has to squirm.

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