Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre says will restore ‘professional relations’ with India

Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has assured the Indian community in his country that he will restore “professional relations” with India if he becomes the next Prime Minister.

Conservative Party leader Poilievre also condemned the ‘aggression’ shown towards Indian diplomats posted in Canada and the growing Hinduphobia in the country.

Poilievre said, “We need a professional relationship with the Indian government. India is the largest democracy on earth. It’s okay for us to have our disagreements and hold each other accountable, but we have to have a professional relationship and I will restore that when I become the Prime Minister of this country.”

Asked about the removal of 41 Canadian diplomats from India, Poilievre said, “This is another example of how Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost after eight long years. He has turned Canadians against each other at home and he has damaged our relations abroad. He is so incompetent and unprofessional that we are now in major disputes with almost every major power in the world, and that includes India.”

Poilievre also condemned pro-Khalistan car rallies at India’s missions in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver on Saturday. A Hindu temple was also targeted last night, as the Vaishno Devi Hindu temple in the British Columbia city of Abbotsford was desecrated with anti-India posters.

“Conservatives share Hindu values of faith, family and freedom. Freedom includes the ability to worship without fear or vandalism and I strongly condemn all attacks on Hindu temples, threats against Hindu leaders, for example, aggression shown towards Indian diplomats at public events, which Completely unacceptable.”

Commenting on Hinduphobia, Poilievre said, “I will continue to oppose it and I think criminal charges should be brought against anyone who attacks Hindu temple property or people, just like elsewhere.”

According to the latest polls, Poilievre is favored to become the next Canadian Prime Minister as his party leads the outgoing Liberal Party by double digits and is in majority territory.