Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wins Third Term, but likely without a Liberal Party majority

Trudeau, 49, called a midterm election last month in the hope that his Liberal party would get enough votes to take back a majority in parliament. There are many votes to be counted and some Canadians are still waiting in line to cast their ballots, The New York Times reports, but preliminary results suggest the Liberal Party will not be able to collect enough votes for a majority. – Leaving Trudeau at the same place where he has been.

Because his popularity was waning thanks to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Trudeau called the election two years before the election. The move was not well received, with many Canadians saying they should not go to the polls because the Delta version is causing more hospitalizations across the country.

Trudeau was first elected in 2015, and he warned voters that if his Conservative Party challenger Erin O’Toole was elected, the country would fall back under his less progressive policies. Going into Monday’s election, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party were in a statistical tie.