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In a nation wide investigation, RPF disrupts the operation of illegal software called ‘Real Mango’ used for cornering confirmed Railway reservation

New Delhi: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has foiled the operation of illegal software called ‘real mango’ which was used to make confirmed (confirmed) railway reservation. After the resumption of railway passenger services, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) of the Indian Railways intensified operations against the brokers, in anticipation of increased brokerage activities. Operation of

Why China wants to encroach the Pangong region!

What is the reason that China has been continuously trying to encroach in the pangong of Ladakh. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is constantly trying to infiltrate this area. Since 1962, China has been eyeing this area. What is it in this area that the People’s Liberation Army of China wants to acquire this place

Experts push for boost to domestic tourism

New Delhi: Integrating and developing tourism within the nation is the need of the hour to counter the crisis created by the ongoing pandemic, experts say. To this end, several experts got together and discussed the opportunity regarding connectivity and sustainable development of tourism and civil aviation. The high-profile meeting reminisced as to how air