Here’s how Origin of the universe in Hindu Mythology: Why important are Navagraha Panchatattva!

When the incorporeal Brahma Shiva manifested the Panchatattva and the Tattva deities at the mere wish of becoming many from one, then the creation of this universe is made up of five elements. There is a balance of these five elements in the universe. If this balance is disturbed, it can be catastrophic.

For example, if the amount of water element increases naturally, then there can be water all around on the earth or the outbreak of flood etc. can be excessive. Sky, Vayu, Fire, Water and Earth have been named Panchatattva. The human body is also made up of these five elements.

In fact, this Panchatattva is related to the five senses of human beings. Tongue, Nose, Ear, Skin and Eyes work for our five senses. These five elements are also called Panchmahabhoot. The lord of these five elements, planet (Swami Grah), karkatva (Karkatva), jurisdiction (Adhikar Chetra) etc. have also been determined:-

Space,(Sky) Air (Quark), Fire (Energy), Water (Force), and Earth (Matter) – these are considered to be the five elements from which every substance of the universe is made.

Space (Sky)

The lord of the sky element is the planet Jupiter. The sky is such a field which has no boundaries. Along with the earth, the entire universe is the word of this element. Hope and enthusiasm etc. come under its jurisdiction. Vata and Kapha are its metals. In Vastu Shastra, the meaning of the word sky is considered to be empty space. The special quality of the sky is “word” and this word is related to our ears. We hear with the ears and the lord of the sky is the planet Jupiter, so in astrology also, the factor of hearing power is considered to be the Guru. When words reach our ears, only then some meaning comes out of them. In Vedas and Puranas, words, letters and sounds have been considered as the form of Brahma. In fact, the activities in the sky cause changes in gravity, light, heat, magnetic fields and impact waves. This change also has an effect on human life. So say sky or say space or say empty space. We should never forget its importance. Lord Shiva is believed to be the god of the sky.

Air (Quark)

The ruling planet of the air element is Saturn. The karakatva of this element is touch. In its jurisdiction comes the breathing action. Vata is the metal of this element. This earth is surrounded by air from all sides. It is possible that the cover of air or vata may be called atmosphere later. Oxygen gas is present in the air which keeps humans alive. Oxygen is very important for living and burning. Human life cannot be imagined without it. If oxygen does not reach our brain completely, then many of our cells can be destroyed. Maybe. Since ancient times, scholars have considered two qualities of air. That is word and touch. Touch is believed to be related to the skin. The sensitive nervous system and human consciousness are related to the breathing process and its basis is air. Lord Vishnu is believed to be the god of wind.

Fire (agni)

The Sun and Mars being the dominant planets of fire, are considered to be the lords of the element of fire. Fire is the form of Karaktva. Its jurisdiction is the life force. The metal of this element is Pitta. We all know that life on earth is possible only with the fire of the sun. If there is no sun, there will be nothing but darkness around and human life cannot be imagined. The fire burning on the sun will burn all the planets. Gives energy and light. Due to the influence of this fire, favorable conditions are created for the life of the living beings on the earth. Along with words and touch, form is also considered to be the quality of fire. The relation of form is considered to be with the eyes. The source is the element of fire. All types of energy whether it is solar energy or nuclear energy or heat energy, the basis of all is fire. Surya or Agni is believed to be the god of fire.

Water (Jal)

Both Moon and Venus are considered water element planets. Therefore both Moon and Venus are the lords of water element. The causality of this element is considered to be rasa. The authority of both of these is considered to be on blood or blood because water is liquid and blood is also liquid. Kapha dhatu comes under this element. Scholars have considered the four qualities of water as words, touch, form and rasa. Here rasa means taste. Taste or rasa is related to our tongue. All types of water sources present on earth come under water element. Water. Life is not possible without water. Water and water waves are used in the production of electrical energy. We also know very well that all the civilizations of the world have developed on the banks of rivers. It is believed that Brahma ji has also been considered as the god of water.

Earth (Matter)

The ruling planet of the earth is Mercury. The causative factor of this element is smell. Bone and flesh come under the jurisdiction of this element. The three metals that come under this element are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. According to scholars, the Earth is a giant magnet. The southern end of this magnet is located in the geographic North Pole. It is possible that this is the reason why the North Pole of the Directional Magnet is always in the North direction. Indicates only this. This magnetic property of the earth is used more in Vastu Shastra. This magnet is used in Vastu for pressure on the ground. In Vastu Shastra, more emphasis is given on increasing the load in the south direction. Maybe that is why sleeping with the head towards south is considered good for health. If this thing is connected with religion, it is said that do not sleep with your feet towards the south, because Yamraj resides in the south. The five qualities of earth or land are considered to be words, touch, form, taste and shape. Along with weight, smell is also a characteristic of the earth because it is related to the olfactory power of the nostrils.

From the above analysis, it is concluded that the five elements affect human life immensely. It is also fulfilled on luck and conduct. If water provides happiness, then the heat of relations works to increase happiness and air circulates in the body as life air. If the sky awakens ambition, the earth teaches the lesson of tolerance and reality . If the element of fire increases in the body, then it can be balanced by increasing the quantity of water. If there is an air defect, it will be balanced by increasing the sky element.

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