Chinese scientist disclosed corona virus created in Wuhan lab

New Delhi: Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan has made a big disclosure about the Corona virus. She said during an interview that the corona virus has been created in Wuhan’s lab. According to Zee News, Yan, who has been researching the corona virus for a long time, was associated with the Hong Kong School of Public Health. During her research, she found facts that suggest that the virus was made in China. This revelation by Chinese virologists has once again hit the world target. Earlier too, other countries including America were saying that China had created this virus. However, China never accepted this.

The Chinese virologist said during an interview that there was no response from the World Health Organization (WHO) when it was discovered about the corona virus. She informed the Chinese authorities of the potential danger, but he ignored their warning. The virologist said that the virus was created in a lab in Wuhan, which is under the control of the Chinese government.

She said that this virus has not come from the meat market of Wuhan, because this meat market is a smoke screen, and this virus is not a product of nature. Yan claimed that she found out through local doctors and some intelligence that the virus was not born in the meat market but was deliberately created. She further said that Chinese authorities knew that human-to-human transmission already existed, and that SARS CoV & 2 is a highly mutant virus, if not controlled it would become an epidemic.

Li-Meng Yan said that when he spoke of making the world aware of this threat, the Chinese authorities intimidated him. Due to which she had to leave China and go to America. She also alleged that the Chinese government has hired some people to keep an eye on them to spread false information against them.

The Chinese virologist further said that even though you are not knowledgeable of biology, you will still be able to identify the origin of this virus by its size. The genome sequence of the virus is like a human finger print and based on this you prove that corona is a man-made virus. The presence of a human finger print in any virus is enough to suggest that it is originated by humans. She said that to deal with the virus, it is necessary to know what is the source of its origin. If China had told the world the truth in time, then this virus might not have taken the form of an epidemic.

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