Climate Change: Paris Agreement aims to save humanity and public health as well

Even though the COP26 UN climate talks are currently a year-long, doctors and all health workers around the world must unite in advance to make the negotiations meaningful. This is because the completion of the goals of the Paris Agreement can directly ensure better health for the whole of humanity.

This idea is mentioned in detail in an article in The Journal of Climate Change and Health. The article urges health workers and doctors to play their part in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. According to the article, health professionals and their organizations will have to unite from now on to influence the outcome of COP 26 in November 2021.

This article titled Health Professions, The Paris Agreement, and the Fear’s Emergency of Now has been written by members of the Board of Directors of the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. According to this article, “Health professionals should join the growing global community of science-based advocates working to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Meeting our commitment to protect and improve the health of all people requires a diverse and broad coalition of actors. We must support and build the world’s energy, transport, agriculture and other land-use systems, which is sufficient to protect human health and repair the climate system on which it relies. As health professionals, we must help build the public and political construct to achieve these objectives, the way we work to end drug addiction and prevent vaccine-preventable disease. ”

Edward Maybach, a member of the GCHA board and representing the Medical Consortium on Climate and Medicine, stated, “We believe the goals of the Paris Agreement are also the most important public health goals of humanity.” He adds, “Right now the delay of one day is going to be huge and all the obstacles are also faced, but this is the opportunity for us health professionals to unite.”

Further, Jenny Miller, executive director of GCHA, states, “A significant turning point is likely to come with COP26, which can determine the fate of human health, prosperity, equity and justice for present and future generations worldwide.” And the role of health professionals in this can be important. ” Liaison Officer for Public Health Issues at the International Federation of Medical Students Association, Omania El Omrani said, “Worldwide, thousands of hospitals and health systems are already working on the climate and of a global movement for health care Formation, flexibility and access to clean energy – and it is making an important contribution to national climate commitments ”.

Ying Zhang, Associate Professor at The Climate and Health Alliance, says, “Extreme weather events like storms and floods directly affect people and we see health deteriorating from air pollution, vector borne diseases, contaminated food and water.” Have been. Those who are marginalized and unemployed usually suffer the most. But climate change will affect everyone. “