Combat free fall training of Turkmenistan Special Forces started at Indian Special Forces training school

New Delhi: The Indian Special Forces (SF) has earned immense respect and reputation for being one of the finest Special Forces in the world due to its professionalism, strategic expertise and sacrifice. Special Forces from the United States, Australia, Central Asian Region countries, and Allied nations, including the Middle East, have expressed greater willingness to receive training from Indian Special Forces (SF) troops with the harshness of combat conditions. In response, the Special Forces of the Indian Army has increased ties and coordination with their allies counterparts.

The Indian Army’s Special Forces Training School (SFTS), a unique institute providing training to the Indian Army’s Special Forces, based on a request from Turkmenistan Special Forces, offered a range of other friendly professional courses to the paratroopers of Turkmenistan Special Forces. As a training has begun in Combat Free Fall, which will assist in capacity augmentation of Turkmenistan Special Forces.