Corona explosion in Murthal, Sukhdev Dhaba 71 employees positive

New Delhi: Murthal in Sonepat, Haryana, is one of the best places for foodie dhabas. By the way, Murthal remembers the same thing as soon as his name comes and that is the delicious food here. But, people going to Murthal should be smarter now, because Corona has taken this place too. Yes, Murthal’s famous Sukhdev Dhaba has come under the scanner of the Corona infection. According to Jagran, 71 workers from outside working on the dhaba have been found corona infected. All have been quarantined in their homes with no symptoms. SDM Vijay Singh has reached the spot. As a precautionary measure, the dhaba has been closed for two days and is being sanitized by the Health Department.

Samples of all employees taken
The corona virus continues to increase in Sonipat district. On Thursday, a corona exploded at Murthal’s famous Sukhdev Dhaba. 71 workers and workers who came to work at the dhaba were found corona infected. Deputy Civil Surgeon Dr. Dahiya said that on the instructions of SDM, the work of collecting samples of the employees and workers working on the dhaba was going on. On 31 August, the owner of Sukhdev Dhaba told him that he had just invited some employees from outside as well. He also requested for their sample. In this way, samples of about 319 employees were taken at the dhaba. Of these, 71 reported positive. The information has been given to the owner.

On the other hand, the owner of the dhaba, Amrik Singh, said that he had called about 100 workers from Bihar 4 days ago by bus. These workers used to work with them earlier and went to their house during lockdown. All were housed in quarters with dhabas. He requested the Health Department to conduct corona examination of all. All samples were taken on this. Of these, 71 people have been found to be corona infected.

Let me tell you that, there are no symptoms of these. He said that the positive attendants had not yet started work on the dhaba. However, as soon as the information is received, they have closed the precautionary dhaba for two days and started sanitizing it since Thursday afternoon.