Corona Pandemic: Estimates of more than 1 million deaths by August: US Research Group

New Delhi: A major global health research body of the US has estimated more than 1 million (1 million) deaths in India from Covid-19 to August 2021. According to data provided by the Union Ministry of Health, the total number of infected persons in India with 2,572,229 new cases of coronavirus increased to 2,02.82,833. While the death toll has risen to 2,22,408 with 3,449 new deaths a day.

According to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, “the cases being detected need to multiply the number of infections occurring in India by 20 or more.”

An updated country-specific policy briefing from the Institute for Health Matric states that to combat this attack is to strengthen the health system, decrease social interaction, and increase the use of effective face masks. Currently very serious for India.

The institute also reportedly estimated that India would report more than 1 million (1 million) deaths by early August. The cumulative mortality rate due to Kovid-19 is expected to increase to 6,65,000 by the end of July, with an additional 3,29,000 deaths expected between April 12 and August 1. However, the use of a mask can help reduce it by 95 percent to more than 70,000.

Significantly, 2,22,408 deaths have occurred in the country so far, including 70,851 from Maharashtra, 17,414 from Delhi, 16,250 from Karnataka, 14,468 from Tamil Nadu, 13,447 from Uttar Pradesh, 11,637 from West Bengal, 9,472 from Punjab and 9,275 from Chhattisgarh. .

(With agency inputs)