COVID-19: Maha enters the largest one-day spike in 63,294 cases

On April 10, 2021, Migrant laborers arrive from Maharashtra Junction outside Patna Junction,

63,294 new coronovirus cases were reported on Sunday in Mumbai, April 11, Maharashtra, its highest single-day rise since the epidemic, which pushed casinode to 34,07,245, the Health Department said.

349 patients died in the state toll at 57,987 due to infection.

A total of 34,008 patients were discharged during the day. A statement from the department said that its recovery number increased to 27,82,161.

During the day, 2,63,137 tests were conducted across the state, taking the total test count to 2,21,14,372.

Currently there are 5,65,587 active cases in the state.

Currently, 31,75,585 people are in home quarantine and 25,694 in institutional quarantine.

There were 9,986 cases and 79 deaths in Mumbai, of which 5,20,498 died in Kasilad and 12,023 after death.

The Mumbai division, which includes the city and its satellite cities, reported 19,953 new cases and 98 fatal incidents.

Its infection count is now 10,84,174 and the fatal number is 21,126.

Pune division saw 14,653 cases, including 6,923 in Pune city, 10,134 cases in Nagpur division, 4,334 in Nagpur city, 8,146 cases in Nashik division, 1,036 cases in Kolhapur division, 3,015 cases in Aurangabad division, 4,981 cases in Latur and Akola division. Includes 1,376 cases.

Coronovirus figures in Maharashtra are as follows: case count 34,07,245, death toll 57,987, recovery 27,82,161 active cases 5,65,587, total trials 2,21,14,372, 63,137 trials on Sunday.