Covid-19 Vaccination: Second dose of vaccination will start from 13 February

New Delhi: Those taking the first dose of Covid Vaccine on 16 January will be given the second dose of vaccine on 13 February. The Center also said that the country has made significant progress in terms of the number of people vaccinated – 5 million people have been vaccinated in the Covid-19 vaccination per session immunization over 21 days and in this number There is ‘sufficient scope for improvement’.

The government said that twelve states and union territories had 60 percent or more vaccinations of health workers. But all states were advised to improve the percentage coverage of vaccinated beneficiaries. The government today gave a time limit to the states.

According to the Center, each State / Union Territory must schedule all health workers for vaccination at least once before 20 February 2021 and immediately conduct another round for them immediately thereafter. Likewise, all frontline workers must be scheduled for vaccination at least once before 6 March 2015 and shortly thereafter. Organize the second phase of the vaccine for them. The government has also clarified that the failure to vaccinate potential beneficiaries in the second round will automatically push them into the age-appropriate vaccination category.

The slow pace of vaccination has been a concern, with public health approaches and administration officials indicating that at this rate, the country will not be able to meet its six-month deadline to vaccinate 300 million people.

Doctors and administration officials agree that the drop in numbers is due to the hesitation to get the vaccine, which concerns beneficiaries about the vaccine. Many are in weight-and-watch mode for what the results will be after vaccination. Others are waiting for more options.