Cricket World Cup 2023 and Afghanistan’s rise to excellence

Afghanistan has emerged a true underdog story, increasing the hope of their global supporters.Afghanistan had a rough start in their early days of cricket but slowly into cricket they slowly got a hang of facing big teams at higher stages such as ODI WC and T20 WC. In the most recent World Cup Afghanistan had beat some of crickets best nations such as Sri Lanka , England and Pakistan.

Where did it start?

Afghanistan’s cricket had started in refugee camps where cricket was just a source of entertainment.Afghanistan’s cricket board(ACB) was formed in 1995 and the team started playing the format of ODI in 2009, ever since then their progress has been exceptional.

How did they overcome their own weaknesses?

Afghanistan had a rough campaign in the 2019 World Cup as they had lost every single one of their matches, at that time Afghanistan was lacking consistency which they overcame as they started playing in good leagues and after that there have been many signs of improvement because of more practice in different leagues such as IPL,PSL and CPL which not only gives them money but even more practice and since these leagues are in a T20 format ,this will help them perform better in do or die situations.

Which format is more preferable for the Afghans?

Afghanistan has shown their worth the most in the T20 format as Afghanistan has had a more faster approach to cricket with their power hitting batsmen and skilled bowlers, thats why the T20 format suits the afghans better also more young players are joining from different leagues which gives the ACB a wide range of players to select and this is the reason why Afghanistan’s young talent is amazing.

Who is Afghanistan’s key players?

Afghanistan couldn’t have reached where they are now without there key players such as Naveen Ul Haq, Rashid Khan, Mujeeb ur Rahman and most importantly Mohammed Nabi who showcases there skills in leagues and when their country needs it the most. Mohammed Nabi is a great player who showcases his skills in all formats as a captain, he also has great leadership qualities and he is most preferably Afghanistan’s best player as he can bowl and bat well which is quite astonishing. Mohammad Nabi made his Test debut on June 14, 2018, his ODI debut on April 19, 2009, and his T20 debut on February 1, 2010. Since then, he has proven to be one of the most consistent cricketers in the world.

In conclusion the star players and the ACB have a bright future in all formats of cricket as they are finding better and better youngsters from different leagues which will enhance the countries playing style in the future. As we wait more and more Afghans continue to make history on the stage.The world awaits the Afghans next suprise.

The writer is Ayaan Bisht, a blogger, a sports lover, Studying in 8th grade in UAE