CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow is preparing skilled human resources as per health services and pharma sector

New Delhi: Under the CSIR Integrated Skills Initiative, the new batch of two skill development programs (skill development programs) at the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) Lucknow are going to start from 15 February 2021, both courses are of 06 weeks duration. .

  1. Program for skill development on pathological tools and techniques for biomedical applications.

The objective of this training course is to prepare skilled human resources for employment in hospitals, diagnostic, pathology, forensic laboratories, research institutes and industry. This course is based on basic and important pathology techniques. Training in pathological / diagnostic laboratory and blood sampling, injections and other necessary skills will be imparted in this program.

The purpose of this course is to fill the vacancies of medical services of our country, besides providing better employment opportunities for the youth. Essential qualification for this course is a minimum of intermediate pass in science field. Many people have benefited from this course in the past years. The course structure of this course includes both theoretical and applied knowledge and explains the pathological techniques that open up many avenues of employment. It has a lot of use in rural areas, and many participants are benefiting from it.

  1. Computational Approach to Pharmaceutical Design and Development

This course provides training on the theory and application of physical, quantum mechanical, statistical techniques in pharmacological research and informatics applications in the pharma industry to improve efficiency, quality and risk assessment in the development of pharmaceuticals, formulations, agrochemicals and molecular materials . Essential qualification required for this training is Bachelor of Science or Masters and basic knowledge of computer.

In the modern era, before the drug can be tested its structure can be tested by a computer. This requires skilled training. In this course, training of new drug discovery, study of its chemical composition is given. This method of drug designing is very important for the research of new drugs, through this, both the time and money spent in research is saved, which indirectly helps in keeping the cost of medicines down. This training will be helpful in getting employment in any pharmaceutical company, as well as very useful for students.

For more information, you can login to the institute’s website https://www.cdri.res.in/skilldevelopment.aspx.