Delhi BJP slams AAP over ‘using children for political gains’

New Delhi: The BJP on Thursday claimed that the Delhi government is using school children for political gains by erecting ‘I love Manish Sisodia’ desks in government schools. Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said, ‘It is regrettable that even after the arrest of Sisodia, the Delhi government is not stopping its dirty politics in the name of education and has now stooped to the extent of involving innocent school children. ‘

Rejecting the allegation, a Delhi government statement said: “There is no involvement of any government department or government employee in any such activity. Kapoor, however, said, “under the patronage of the Delhi government, special ‘I love Manish Sisodia’ desks are being set up in government schools to forcibly garner support for Sisodia from students.” Delhi BJP strongly condemns this dirty politics.

Sharing a copy of a purported message regarding the same on social media, Kapoor said that as part of the programme, school students were asked to write messages in support of Sisodia and express concern over his arrest. He said that these messages were to be conveyed to the former Deputy Chief Minister.

BJP spokesperson Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga alleged that the school administration was intimidating parents by threatening to “fail” the students if they did not participate in the activity.

Another BJP functionary Kapil Mishra also attacked AAP on the issue. He tweeted, “Small children from schools all over Delhi are saying Manish Sisodia ji, stop shamelessly hiding your misdeeds and sins in the name of children. If you don’t take bribe then you don’t need to go to jail.