Donald Trump’s farewell address: ‘Our movement is only the beginning’

He said he had built the “biggest economy”, secured Middle East peace deals, paid more to NATO members, and stood up for China.

Trump fails to mention Biden’s name in farewell speech

Donald Trump has said he will “pray for the success” of Joe Biden’s administration – but the political movement he created is “only the beginning”.

Before leaving the office on Wednesday, the outgoing president said in his farewell address that everyone in the US was “horrified” by the riots at the Capitol in Washington DC earlier this month. “Political violence we as Americans attack everything. It can never be tolerated.” he said.

Mr. Trump said: “As I prepare to hand over power to a new administration in the afternoon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we have started is only the beginning. Something like this has never happened is.

“The belief that a nation should serve its citizens will not diminish, but will grow stronger by the day.”

President Trump signed a plaque on the US-Mexico border wall during a visit to the Alamo in Texas last week

In his speech, he listed his achievements during his four-year tenure, including the creation of the “largest economy”, achieving historic peace deals in the Middle East, contributing more financially to NATO members. For, rallying countries to stand like China “like never before”, and not start any new wars.

“We did what we came here to do – and more,” he claimed.

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