Dr. Harsh Vardhan distributed blankets, masks and soaps to the people in Vishram Sadan, AIIMS

New Delhi: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Harsh Vardhan distributed blankets, masks and soaps to the destitute people living in Vishram Sadan, AIIMS, New Delhi yesterday.

RK Jain, Secretary General of Red Cross Society, Professor R. Guleria, Director of AIIMS and other senior officials of AIIMS were also present on the occasion. Addressing the people present at the event, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare thanked the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) for taking the initiative to distribute blankets to the needy during the current winter season.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan recalled that IRCS has been committed to helping the needy since 1920. It has a rich history of human endeavors. Its work is not only limited to disasters and emergencies, but the institution also undertakes a number of social development activities regularly. Red Cross has contributed to the government’s efforts during the lockdown and has also helped those trapped in the lockdown. Apart from this, it has also ensured the availability of blood during this epidemic.

Referring to the challenges arising out of Covid-19, he highlighted that the vaccine has been approved for the prevention of Covid. The Government of India has already started the world’s largest vaccination campaign. He also said that the vaccine is indigenously developed. This fact also shows the great potential of our country and also promotes the Prime Minister’s ‘Self-reliant India’ initiative.

Praising the active role of IRCS in reducing the impact of Covid-19, Dr. Harshvardhan said, “It makes me feel proud that IRCS is playing an important role in the fight against Covid-19.” Commitment and persistent services of volunteers, in addition to multi-dimensional response by IRCS with a wide range of activities for the current COVID-19 emergency, is evidence of IRCS ‘ability as an organization. The IRCS deployed more than 40,000 trained volunteers in more than 500 districts across the country, who have contributed extensively in reducing the impact of Covid-19.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan at the end of his address to all the volunteers, participants involved in this campaign and all other partners, stakeholders and all the members who have directly and indirectly contributed to the humanitarian agenda of IRCS as one of India’s largest statutory and humanitarian organization.