Durg’s Jagriti Sahu’s passion got the title of ‘Mushroom Lady’

Durg: ‘This is the way of life, only after defeat is victory’ These lines of the song fit perfectly on Jagriti Sahu of Matvari. Those who did not fulfill their desire to become teachers, after trying again, resurfaced and decided the new path and also won. Her husband got more encouragement and in 2 years Jagriti Sahu got the title of “Mushroom Lady” of Durg. The journey was not easy but in the passion to prove himself, the awakening has found this destination. CEO Zilla Panchayat Sachchidanand Alok gave this analogy to him after seeing his work.

Husband and daughter liked to eat mushrooms, so started production
Jagriti Sahu is a BSc and MA pass. So he wished to do the job. Jagriti tells that even after being selected for education worker, the dream of becoming a teacher of Jagriti remained incomplete due to some technical reasons. She started feeling sad. But it is said that there is no name for living life. Jagriti says that her husband and child loved to eat mushrooms. Mushrooms used to come to his house about two to three times a week. She would buy mushrooms for Rs 200 per kg.

One day her husband said that it is better to start producing mushrooms than sitting empty at home. Jagriti got this idea, after the inspiration of her husband, she thought of taking training in mushroom production. I had written Jagriti Padhi and was also determined When they came to know that under the Bihan program by the District Panchayat, women of self-help groups are given training as per their wish so that they can establish self-employment.

He expressed his desire to take training in mushroom production, first took 3 days from PNB in ​​2018 and 10 days training in Dena Bank’s training program. After this, did not look back, initially started mushroom production with 5 thousand rupees. Then, through the bank linkage, a loan of 99 thousand rupees was received under the Bihan scheme. Out of which, with 50 thousand rupees, he gave a big form to his mushroom production unit. The rest of the rupees were given as loans to the women of the group in the form of agricultural work. Jagriti became not only capable but also connected other women of Matwari village with her work. Today women sitting at home are earning a good income.

Gayatri Self Help Group with its hard work produced mushroom and earned 6 lakh rupees in 2 years
Jagriti Sahu says that there are 12 women in his group since the year 2018 and till now he has earned an income of 6 lakh rupees. This year, his group has sold mushrooms worth 2 lakh 20 thousand rupees. Jagriti said that mushrooms have twice the cost advantage. 120 from Indira Gandhi Agricultural University Purchases mushroom seeds per kg and 1 kg of seed produces 10 kg of mushroom. Even after taking out all the expenses, a good income is made.

Became master trainer
So far, training has been given to 850 women of the state, 750 women are producing – Jagriti learned to produce mushrooms but her journey did not end, seeing her skills, selected by PNB as the master trainer in the only farmers training center operated in the capital Raipur. Has been done. Today she is training women from all over the state. Jagriti says that so far she has trained 850 women, out of which 750 women are earning income by producing mushrooms. Jagriti has trained women of the three district panchayats of Durg district and all the surrounding districts. Jagriti is also training in the Atma Yojana and Bihan Yojana of the Agriculture Department.

Selected as National Level Instructor
Jagriti is now going to illuminate the name of her village Matwari and Durg district not only in the state but also outside the state, she has also been selected for National Level Training for training in Rural Self Employment Training Institute.

The demand for mushrooms is so much that people wait, propagate through social media
The mushroom produced by Gayatri Self Help Group is in such demand that people wait for several days. Oyster mushrooms are produced by the group. Since July 2020, Protein-Rich Pink has started the production of Oyster Mushrooms. Which has more demand. At least 4 to 5 kg of mushroom is produced every day, so if you calculate 200 per kg, then the income of 800 to 1000 rupees can be taken.

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