Dutch researcher who predicted Turkey-Syria earthquake says India next in line

The Dutch researcher who predicted a massive earthquake to hit parts of Turkey and Syria and kill more than 17,000 people has now declared that Asian countries are ‘next in line’. In a video that has since gone viral, Frank Hogarbeats can be seen predicting a massive earthquake that will hit Afghanistan and eventually end up in the Indian Ocean after crossing Pakistan and India.

Hogarbeats can be heard saying in the video, “These regions may be the next candidates for large seismic activity if we look at atmospheric fluctuations but again keep in mind that these are rough estimates and all large earthquakes occur in one environment.” do not leave footprints they do not always declare themselves”.

In particular, the Dutch researcher warned in a tweet on February 3 that ‘sooner or later an earthquake of ~M 7.5 magnitude will occur in this region (south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon).’

After Monday’s devastating earthquake, his tweet about its prediction went viral. Netizens were shocked by the accuracy with which he predicted the disaster that killed thousands and flattened a major infrastructure in southeast Turkey.

Huggerbeats also warned of aftershocks following Monday’s quake. “Watch for extra-strong seismic activity in central Turkey and surrounding areas. Aftermaths usually continue for a while after a large earthquake,” he tweeted.

The death toll in earthquake-hit areas of Turkey and Syria has exceeded 17,000 and is expected to rise. In Turkey, the death toll rose to at least 14,014, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday while visiting quake-hit areas in the southern city of Gaziantep. According to CNN, the total death toll in Syria is said to be 3,162.