Eating or taking groceries in COVID is more risky than air travel: Research

New Delhi: Corona virus has spread not only in the country but in the whole world. In many countries, there has been a lockdown in view of the increasing cases of Corona.

However, discounts have been given on essential goods. But, in today’s situation, the fear of corona has reduced to some extent. People are shaping out of their homes, eating outside too, but due to the fear of corona, people are avoiding traveling. People get scared by the congestion at the airport and the mere thought of sitting with people in the lounge. But tell you, a recent research has revealed that in the epidemic, more danger than traveling is in eating out and taking goods from the general store.

Let us tell you that Harvard’s T.H. Scientists from Chan School of Public Health have found in their new study that the greater danger from travel is from eating out and buying goods. He says that because the safety and cleanliness of the epidemic at the airport and in the plane is well taken care of, the risk of air travel is less than that.

According to research, the use of face masks, sanitizing protocols and excellent ventilation and filtration systems provide significant protection against corona, significantly reducing the risk of virus outbreaks in aircraft.

An important thing has come up in research and that is the use of face mask, which can protect you from corona virus infection. Many scientists also believe that infection is possible only if you do not use masks and do not follow social distances. If you do not make proper distance from an infected person then you will always be at risk of getting an infection. Therefore, in this research, scientists have said that face mask and social distance must be followed to avoid infection.

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