Here’s how to get rid of Allergies naturally: Ayurvedic remedies can be effective

Allergies is a common term that we sometimes use as ‘I am allergic to a particular person. Similarly, our body also shows its uncomfortable reaction to specific chemical stimuli in the form of ‘allergies’.

The sun that comes after the rain makes the condition of such patients even more difficult. Such people can often be seen wearing handkerchiefs on their faces. What to do The bad condition that happens due to sneezing.

Although it is difficult to know the causes of allergies, some Ayurvedic remedies can be effective in overcoming it. Follow these and get rid of allergies!

Regular use of lukewarm lemon water in the morning, by replenishing the amount of vitamin C in the body, removes symptoms like cold and flu due to allergies.

Herbal tea made by mixing ginger, black pepper, four basil leaves, cloves and sugar candy provides relief from allergies.

The symptoms caused by ‘flu’ due to virus infection occurring during the rainy season can be removed by regularly chewing four fresh neem leaves.

The Ayurvedic medicine ‘Sitopaladi Churna’ shows miraculous effects in allergy patients.

‘Kunjal Kriya’ and ‘Neti Kriya’ with salt water are helpful in removing old allergies by taking out the Kapha dosha.

The use of ‘Nasya’, the process of Panchakarma, in consultation with the doctor, is not only the prevention of ‘allergies’ but also its successful treatment.

Regular use of ‘Kapalbhati’ in Pranayama is a simple way to get rid of allergies.

Avoid contact with dust, smoke and pollen of flowers etc.

Avoid consuming very cold and hot things.

Some modern medicines like – Aspirin, Nimasulide etc. should be taken with caution.

Regular consumption of sour and pickles should be avoided.

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