Electricity department strike affect many parts of UP including Lucknow

Lucknow: The employees of the Uttar Pradesh government’s electricity department started indefinitely from Monday in response to a call given by the UP Vidyut Samukhi Samyukta Sangharsh Samiti to protest against the proposed privatization of Varanasi Discom. There is a storm in many parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lucknow. However, the government said that it has made complete preparations to deal with the movement.

The strike by the power workers has ruined the power system in Lucknow. There are many areas of the city where there has been a power failure for the last 40 hours. Due to lack of electricity, people are not getting water. It became difficult for people to cut Monday night. The situation is that even in VIP areas the power supply is at a standstill. Many retired IAS and IPS houses, including Additional Chief Secretary to the Governor Mahesh Kumar Gupta, residing in the area under the Raj Bhavan section, could not turn on the electricity from noon till 10 pm.

The operator of the Jawahar Bhawan sub-station said that there are retired officers including the Additional Chief Secretary on Red Hill School Road, whose power was shut down at around 2.45 pm. The fuse of the transformer box fueled the supply. The power remained closed till late in the night due to the new fuse due to the strike.

At the same time, there was a blast in Rahimabad sub-station on Tuesday morning, which has caused electricity to fail in more than 200 villages. The management claims that the electricity of the villages was turned on after some time with the optional feeder. A 400 KV transformer was burnt on Monday afternoon in Sector D of Aliganj in Purnia sub-station.

People complained from the authorities to the sub-center, but there was assurance that power would be started by installing trolley transformers, but it has been 24 hours, till now another transformer was not replaced instead of burnt transformer. Due to which more than 200 houses today had to be filled with water from 500-500 meters distance.

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