Ex-Pak Speaker Revealed – Why did IAF Pilot Abhinandan Released?

New Delhi: Pakistani politician and member of the country’s National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq has revealed why Pakistan suddenly released Abhinandan Vardhaman, an Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot caught after an air dogfight in February 2019. A Pakistani MP, speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, claimed that the Imran Khan government had abruptly released Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Vardhaman, who was detained by the Pakistani Army, in fear of India’s attack.

Pakistani MP Ayaz Sadiq claimed in Parliament, “I remember Mahmood Shah Qureshi was present in the meeting where Imran Khan refused to attend.” Qureshi’s feet were trembling, sweat was on his forehead. Qureshi said to us, now let God go back to God, because at 9 o’clock at night, India is attacking Pakistan. “

Ayaz Sadiq further said that Hindustan was not going to attack. The Pakistan government had to just kneel down and send Abhinandan back, which he did.

Let me tell you that on 27 February 2019 last year, the MiG-21 of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan crashed while chasing the ships of Pakistan and he jumped from the plane via parachute. He landed at LoC while landing.

After this, the army of Pakistan had captured Abhinandan. After the fall, the Wing Commander did not know where they were, but as soon as they realized that they were in Pakistan, they threw the documents they had in the pond and chewed some. He did this so that the enemies do not touch the important information about the country. After the fall, the locals of Pakistan attacked her seeing her Indian uniform but Abhinandan did not lose courage. Politics is still happening in Pakistan on this issue.

However, when the Government of India officially came to know, he unconditionally asked them to return. It was the pressure of India’s diplomacy that the government of Pakistan immediately decided that the wing commander Abhinandan should be returned to India. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan himself announced in the Parliament there on February 28 that the wing commander would be sent back to India.

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