Farmers’ protest may end dec 4, decision on future course in important meeting of SKM

Morcha leader Abhimanyu Kohad had said that if the government fulfills all the demands of the Morcha by December 4, then they are not interested in agitating by sitting on the road in the cold and hence they can announce the end of the agitation in the meeting. will be held on the same day.

But, Abhimanyu also told that if the demands are not met, a decision on the next strategy will be taken in the next meeting.

Samyukta Kisan Morcha leader Kohad said the Morcha had written to the Prime Minister on November 21 with six demands and the government should give him an undertaking to enact an MSP guarantee law in Parliament. They should also dedicate a committee for its drafting in a limited time.

“If the cases registered by the Sangh against the farmers should be quashed and the dependents of those killed in the agitation should be provided compensation and rehabilitation and the martyrs are given place in the martyr’s memorials, only then the farmers will withdraw their protest because they are so gruesome. Not even fond of sitting on the streets in cold and agitation,” demanded Kohad.

He further said that “on December 4, an announcement will be made to end the agitation as soon as the demands are met.”

The agenda of the meeting of the United Kisan Morcha to be held on December 4 is fixed, the leaders of the front will decide on the remaining demands till that day. In the meeting they will decide the nature of the movement and the way the movement will be run.

Also, out of 32 organizations of Punjab, about 29 organizations are in favor of ending the movement and returning home. Their leaders are accepting that if the government is taking a positive stand on the demands of the front, then there is no use in running the agitation.

Leaders like Surjit Singh Phool, Jagjit Singh Dallewal and Baldev Sirsa want the protest to continue till the demands are met by the government, while others are in favor of ending it. All things taken into account, the Morcha will announce its decision on December 4.